PymeDAO and ListMyProject have formed an partnership!

✅ ListMyProject, is active in Fundarise, Listing, Launch and Marketing in the #blockchain ecosystem. We are building the way for your project to reach the right investors.

✅ Pyme is a community-led DAO that supports early stage web3 projects. By buying $PYME,
you get governance rights in the DAO and support the next wave of web3 startups through
their crowdfunding launchpad, pre-launch accelerator and incubator.

✅ Backed by Tier 1 VC
✅ Supported with grants by the Governments and Polygon Studios.
✅ Raised over $100K within 24 hours from within the Discord Community alone.
✅ Cashflow Positive & Experienced team


🟢400k Wallets & 40K+ Monthly Active Users
🟢108K+ Discord
🟢153K+ Twitter




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