MELON and ListMyProject have formed an partnership!

โœ… ListMyProject, is active in Fundarise, Listing, Launch and Marketing in the #blockchain ecosystem. We are building the way for your project to reach the right investors.

โœ… enables you to own the most iconic content on the internet as authenticated collectible Ethereum NFTs. Own a piece of digital history!

The perfect bridge for web2 and web3 creator economy

MELON is the only NFT platform and protocol designed specifically for Content Collectibles, and also the only one which integrates seamlessly with web2 platforms. We aim to revolutionize the Meme Economy in web3.

How is MELON different from other NFT platforms?

MELON provides the perfect platform for content creators to have full access to creative tools, that convert their most iconic moments into collectibles, natively – integrating with YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, TikTok, and Instagram to create NFTs from the most authenticated form of the original content. We also provide the most interoperable and composable technology for this product.






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